Episode 4: Can Microdosing Heal the World
In Episode #1 Mike and Ben made a promise to return to the subject of microdosing, a major player in their health and healing journeys. In this episode they come good on that promise, sharing their experiences with psilocybin from early uses as a "party drug" to more contemporary applications as a "plant medicine."
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Episode 3: The Thing
Mike and Ben recount their first-hand experiences dealing with The Thing (you know what we're talking about) – what did they take, what did they do, what worked, what didn't? How did they maximize their bodies' natural healing response and minimize symptoms using the tools and techniques at their disposal?
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Episode 1: Origin Story
How did Ben & Mike arrive at this moment in time, deeply passionate about exploring "alternative" approaches to health, and captivated by a long-forgotten but slowly resurgent theory squarely at odds with the dominant health paradigm of the modern world?
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