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Your body's natural state is healthy. It is designed to heal. But our worlds are filled with toxic chemicals, polluting our air, soil, water. Foods are genetically modified, grown in depleted soil, overprocessed, laden with seed oils and sugar. The modern world puts us in chairs for hours on end, shut off from the sun, staring at screens. All of it poses a threat to our terrain, and in turn, our health. Join us on a lifetime journey towards #impeccableterrain and reclaim your agency, your sovereignty, your innate power to heal yourself and realize your fullest potential as a human.

Biology of Belief

Create Your Own Theta State Sleep Affirmation

Drawing on the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, we designed a tool that allows you to record and download your own looping sleep-time affirmation recording.

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Explore the Terrain Theory model, the magic of water and light, what really makes you ill and the truth about health and healing that the medical establishment doesn't want you to know.


Terrain Theory Podcast

Join hosts Ben & Mike on a journey towards an #impeccableterrain

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Did You Go Outside Today?

Start your day with exposure to AM sunlight and your bare feet on the ground. Aligning with the rhythms of the natural world is a great first step towards health and healing.