What is Terrain Theory?

This Resources page is a living document, containing a mix of books, films, articles, and studies that seek to provide evidence for "terrain theory" (or what some call the "terrain model") and challenge the lack of evidence for germ theory.

Check back often as we will update the list as new resources are made available.

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Discover the origins of the Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory conversation, learn what really makes us ill, explore alternative explanations for how the body – and the world – works.

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From Terrain to Viral Delusions to The End of Germ Theory and more. Grab your (non-GMO, organic) popcorn with (raw cow milk) butter and prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest science, studies, articles and musings that dissolve the illusions of Germ Theory and shine the light of truth on REAL health, healing and the human experience.

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