Terrain Theory is a model that more accurately reflects how the human body works. The predominance and persistence of its opposite – Germ Theory – is understandable, given that Germ Theory presents near-limitless opportunity for profit and power.
Explore the evidence that supports the Terrain Theory model and exposes Germ Theory for the fraudulent pseudoscience that it is.


A dynamic and growing list of books, articles, videos, and documentaries exploring Terrain Theory and exposing the unproven claims underpinning Germ Theory.

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Terrain Theory Podcast

Co-hosts Ben Hardy and Mike Merenda chat with guests on a range of Terrain Theory-related subject matter and feature Terrain Transformation stories of healing through "alternative" means.

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Redefining Nature

Humanity has written itself out of the very definition of "nature." Learn how you can join the crusade to restore our species' rightful place as a part of Nature, not apart from Nature.

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