Episode 95: Terrain Transformation with Sammy Ray

Episode 95: Terrain Transformation with Sammy Ray

Sammy Ray is an award-winning Wisconsin-based professional musician who suffered from a variety of health challenges throughout much of her life, from bi-polar depression and anxiety to Crohn's, IBS(C), hypothyroidism, and P.O.T.S. In this conversation with Sammy we discuss:

  • The gradual stacking of disease diagnosis upon disease diagnosis
  • The ever-increasing prescription medications
  • How she discovered the Terrain Model and began applying it
  • The diet she credits for much of her healing
  • Her unique 80/20 rule to eating

...and more!

Learn more about Sammy at her websites sammray.com and rawkstarz.com

If you have a Terrain Transformation story you would like to share, email us at ben@terraintheory.net.

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Music by 
Chris Merenda

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