Episode 17: Wellness Check #1

Episode 17: Wellness Check #1

A long overdue check in with the hosts' respective primary healthcare providers. In this episode Ben and Mike discuss:

  • New habits they are integrating
  • Old habit performance (Wim Hof, sunning your balls, etc.)
  • The conflict between healthy skepticism and faith/belief
  • Mike's trip to Willam Padilla-Brown's Earth Day Festival
  • The WHO pandemic treaty
  • The adaptogen they're both jamming on hard

Learn more about the WHO pandemic treaty.

Learn more about the adaptogen Ben and Mike have been using. (NOTE: we have no relationship with this company – we simply dig their mission and products.)

Terrain Theory episodes are not to be taken as medical advice. You are your own primary healthcare provider.

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Music by 
Chris Merenda

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